Be Someone

Why Be Someone?

Don’t you want to Be Someone and make a difference in this world? I do, and I want to encourage others to do so as well. 

 After all, it is our future we are fighting for. 

What's the story?

In 2016 after experiencing the effects of the plastic pollution crisis in the ocean, Pamela began to design illustrations as a way to create awareness of this issue and encourage people to stop using single-use plastics. For this campaign, she organized beach cleanups, and educational sessions for all ages in the United States and Mexico. 

Soon after, she began to volunteer as a graphic designer and photographer  for New York City’s climate movement where she also organized. 

This experience made her realize the intersectionality between climate justice and social justice, since then, Be Someone has evolved into a platform that creates awareness of the environmental & social issues on our society through vibrant illustrations. 

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Who is Be Someone?

It's a community of change makers. 

We work with nonprofits, local businesses, and global brands. We help them tell their stories of change in a fun way.

If you're looking for commissions and collaborations, get in touch!

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